Michelle H., Charlotte

I wanted to say that Justin was excellent. Very professional and efficient, please thank him for me. I have also heard back from the lab and the water has passed. Thank you again for your time on this matter.

Bruce and Sue B., Cornwall

We always like/appreciate new things that WORK WELL!!!! Initially, I was somewhat concerned about the expense but now am so pleased that we did it...having a system that will provide the best of water is a very satisfactory feeling..."the boys" did a top notch job...we give them an A+.

Steve V., Stowe

Thanks again for the great service, we needed you and you were there!

Paul LaFerriere, Cornwall

When we moved to Vermont we were anxious because it was the first time we ever used well water and were uncertain how to ensure its quality for drinking and everyday use. Thankfully, Vermont Water was recommended to us. Working with them has been a dream. John and his team explained the systems they recommended and installed at every step of the way, including one that addressed our hard water problem without adding salt. Straightforward and courteous, the work was completed as scheduled. We’re now confident our well water is the purest and safest H2O we’ve ever consumed! I highly recommend Vermont Water.

Patty S., Whiting

Hey John, I am just calling to appreciate you and Justin for your amazingly quick response to my call for help.  I so much appreciate it and everything you guys do.  Thanks so very, very much.

Frank T., Killington

Thank you so much for the fine service. You have been a great help!  

Joyce Bertrand, Orwell

The service has been excellent always. They are always happy to be of service. They always listen to what you say. The difference between the water we start with and what comes out of the faucet is amazing.  

Tory R., Lincoln

Dear John and Beth, Thank you for clean, clear water!  Heavenly!  

Catherine W., Cornwall

Thank you so much for coming so quick and for the excellent service.

George Lewis

John was amazing and very, very thorough. I like that and it helps me check off any worries regarding our water system. The water tastes amazing and our laundry is so bright and fresh.  
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