Water Testing

water testing water samplesGot a water problem? Get the certified specialists!

We can guide you through the water testing process wherein you take your own sample to the lab, or we can take the samples and deliver them to the lab for you.

We recommend that private well owners get the VTDOH recommended water testing for private well owners, and this can be done at their lab, or it can be done with Endyne labs in Williston.  For water testing, we prefer to use Endyne’s comprehensive test + uranium, as it includes everything in Health Dept. recommended Kits A (coliform bacteria), C (lead, copper, sodium, chloride, nitrate/nitrite, arsenic, fluoride, uranium, manganese, iron and hardness) and RA (gross alpha), plus it tests for other things that the health department does not test for, but are often relevant to treatment options such as alkalinity, pH, conductivity, and sulfate.

The direct lab cost for the Health Department kits is $159.00 and the Endyne comprehensive + uranium test cost is $255.00.

WS Man in Laboratory performing water testingWe have reliable field testing capability for hardness, iron, manganese, sulfide, pH and total dissolved solids (similar to conductivity), but we feel that health-related contaminants (now including manganese) are best tested by certified laboratories.

We charge $159 to do a system evaluation which includes our field test capability, measuring the pumping rate of the well pump and examining available space, pipe type, and fixtures.  This allows us to develop an accurate cost estimate for any desired treatment system, and the cost of the evaluation is applicable towards any purchase of equipment the customer may choose to make.  We add $100.00 to this evaluation cost if the customer wishes us to procure the sample kits (which we do not otherwise markup), do the sampling at the same time as we do the system evaluation and then deliver the samples to the lab (can be either Health Dept. or Endyne).  For example, if you wanted us to do a system evaluation and collect samples for the Endyne comprehensive + uranium testing, the cost would be $159 (evaluation) + $255 (lab costs) + $100 (sampling and delivery) = $514.  $159 of this amount would apply towards any purchase you make with us.

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