Water Filtration and Treatment resources. We’ve put together a list of reputable and authoritative resources for just about every aspect of the water industry, especially when it comes to research and products to improve drinking water in our homes and workplaces. If you are ready to start talking to our team, give us a call or send us a message through our contact form.

This is a great place for consumers to get lots of objective information on water quality issues and FAQs, plus find out who really is certified in our industry. Vermont Water is listed under “find a professional”.

This is an order form you can use to get the Vermont Department of Health’s recommended testing protocol for homeowners. The recommended kits in the protocol are Kits A (Coliform), C (Inorganics), RA (Gross Alpha). We also recommend Kit RC (Radon in Water).
This link describes the homeowner / private well owner recommended testing protocol in Vermont.

This is the Vermont Department of Health’s website, which is searchable for many issues and contaminants related to water. This is a highly recommended information resource.

Links to the Vermont Department of Environment Conservation Homepage

This is a link to the Department of Environmental conservation’s searchable water well database. This is great for people who are looking for facts on things like well depth, yield and static level. Check it out!

This is a link to the most recent Vermont Water Supply Rules.

This links to a page on water conservation from the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources. There is also information on keeping an ecological mindset. Topics range from global warming to detoxifying your home. Good for all to check out.

This is a link to the EPA site that talks about well water and related concerns.

This is a link to the EPA website that is extremely thorough in reviewing and explaining all of the Primary “health-related” contaminants in drinking water. These are the standards for public water in the U.S., and these standards are also the most commonly applied yardstick to private well water quality.

This link is just like the one above, only it leads to the EPA section on Secondary “aesthetic-related” contaminants in water

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