About Vermont Water

We will take the time to treat you and your water right.That’s the Vermont Water Difference.

Who We Are

At Vermont Water, we’ve been in business for over 40 years providing and servicing water treatment systems for residential and commercial customers, and are Certified Water Specialists through the Water Quality Association. We operate out of Middlebury in the heart of the Champlain Valley and we primarily serve customers in Western Central Vermont.

What We Do

We have established our reputation by excelling in helping people get the kind of water quality they need, want and deserve. And we can solve most common water problems using affordable and environmentally sustainable technologies that require minimal maintenance. This allows our customers to relax and enjoy their lives with great water!
Maybe you have a private well with objectionable levels of hardness, “rotten egg” odor, or high iron content that stains your fixtures and clothes.

Perhaps you have water provided by a public water supply that meets all the water-quality standards, but wish to reduce your exposure to harsh chemicals such as chlorine or chloramine. Either way, we can provide you with a system that will improve the quality of your water and your life. We even have systems to treat coliform bacteria without chemicals, and the green staining and plumbing corrosion caused by low pH well water. We offer whole-house solutions to these and other water quality problems, as well as systems to create excellent drinking water at a single tap!

Certifiable Quality

John Beauchamp, President of Vermont Water Inc. and WQA Certified Master Water Specialist, says this about his company’s approach to working with customers:

John Beauchamp

John Beauchamp, MWS, CI

“Our primary goal is to help our residential and commercial customers find the best overall water filtration solution, customized to meet their needs, based on our core belief that quality is always more cost effective long-term. We are committed to creating high value for our customers through our knowledgeable and experienced staff, by providing excellent service, state of the art filtration equipment and integrated system design. We recognize that all our customers are seeking effective, affordable, and environmentally sustainable solutions that are best suited to their particular water quality problem.”

Key Personnel

John B. Beauchamp, MWS, CI, joined Vermont Water in 1987 and completed the purchase of the business in 1996. He is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara.

The Middlebury Shop

John at Middlebury shop.

John achieved national recognition as a water quality specialist, serving on the Technical Review Committee for Water Conditioning  & Purification magazine in 1998 and 1999. He has authored technical articles on water treatment, also published in Water Conditioning & Purification magazine between 1997 and 2001. John has also lead technical round-tables and seminars at regional and national water quality conventions.   Having first attained the status of Certified Water Specialist through the Water Quality Association in 1991, John currently holds the highest Master Water Specialist designation and is also a Water Quality Association Certified Installer. In addition, John holds Vermont Plumbing License PS-380 and is a Vermont Certified Class 1A Public Water System Operator.

His primary roles in the organization include water problem diagnosis, system design, and consultation services, plus equipment sales and installation services. John can be reached on extension 101 on Vermont Water’s national toll-free line (800) 639-7038.

Beth from Vermont Water

Beth Hale Beauchamp, Office Manager

Beth Hale Beauchamp has been with Vermont Water since 1994. She is the Corporate Secretary and the operations, accounting and administrative contact for the business.  Beth has a BS from Springfield College and also has a background in graphic design, marketing, and psychology.

Beth’s primary functions are overseeing company cash flows and our handling vendor and customer accounting interactions. She also keeps the myriad other “behind the scenes” operational activities running smoothly. Beth can be reached at (800) 639-7038, ext.103.

Just and a Vermont Water installation

Justin at Camp Songadeewin, Lake Dunmore

Justin D. Arzberger, CWS, CI, joined Vermont Water Inc. in March of 2013 as Service Technician and is primarily responsible for servicing equipment and scheduling recurring maintenance for our customers. He earned the WQA Certified Water Specialist designation in September 2013 and Certified Installer in May 2014. Justin has a BS in Environmental Studies from the University of Vermont and is an Eagle Scout.  He enjoys the outdoor life, especially hiking, snowboarding and climbing.  Justin can be reached at extension 102 on Vermont Water’s national toll-free line (800) 639-7038.

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